Action for Happiness, June 2024

This month's Action for Happiness prompt is joy - and that's something so vital to how we thrive in our lives, and can seem so far from our reach at times. 

An important thing I think we can often lose touch with is that happiness, though a goal we all seek, is not a permanent state of being. Happiness - much like sadness - is something we all experience in moments. That comes, goes, ebbs and flows. It isn't realistic to aim for a permanent state of happiness, or for a life that never experiences any of the other feelings that make up a person. Happy can never be a 24/7 state - but contentment can, if the ingredients of life come together. Happy is the peak of the mountain, and depression is the valley that counters it - and for a good life, a life in which you're thriving, the goal should be to make those valleys and mountains more shallow, less extreme, and more like waves than a tsunami! 

If you feel like your life is one of extremes, prompts like these Joyful June activities from Action for Happiness, are a wonderful tool to help you focus on the positives in your day to day life. 

Click here to download and print a copy of June's Action for Happiness calendar - and take some time each day to see the prompts, and to give yourself the chance to focus on, and embrace, joy wherever and whenever you can.