Counselling Supervision

I can now offer Counselling Supervision for those either in training, or those who simply want ongoing support in their work: this Supervision is not only suited to Counselling professionals, and is also available for those in other professions who feel that they'd benefit from some guidance - for example, nurses, doctors, care workers, corporate leadership, etc, and is available either for group supervision or one to one.

Supervision is a formal process that all who work in Counselling roles should undergo: the process gives you regular time – either in person or virtually - with a qualified psychotherapist or psychotherapeutic counsellor to present your client work, to discuss any approaches to supporting your clients, to work through any challenges the sessions may bring up for your own self care and wellbeing, for your professional development, and is an important process for enhancing your Counselling practice through careful reflection and supportive discussions.

These Supervision sessions are available from £60 per 1 hour session, though longer sessions are available on request, and you can either contact me via this website,email me on or call / text or WhatsApp me via mobile on 07849 037095

For any professional offering support or counselling services to clients, no matter how far you are through your training or how experienced you are, Supervision is fundamental to the provision of safe, ethical and competent counselling/support.

Anyone who is registered to a professional body of accredited Counsellors needs to undergo supervision, and it is vital to the practice and development of counsellors, as well as being a requirement for those accredited registrations.

Why choose me as your Supervisor

I have been working as a Counsellor myself for a number of years, and am always working on my own professional development, my learning and understanding of the process and psychology of counselling services, and the ever evolving knowledge we have of mental health, mental ill health, psychological disorders, challenges and traumas, and the interactions of Counselling as a service.

This wealth of experience means that I have professional practice in a wide range of areas, of different Counselling models and approaches, and of various access mechanisms for Counselling services, so have personal insight and experience that I can use to support any challenges, questions or problems you may be experiencing.

I offer this service to anyone who works in a Counselling role, or is in any other supportive role professionally, whether that is as a new learner who is working towards qualifications, or those who have been working for many years, and are looking for a fresh Supervision relationship that supports your ongoing professional work. I am qualified to work with those in any support position, and for those supporting or counselling adults, supporting or counselling children, and for those working specifically with people who are accused or charged with sexual offenses. 

My Supervision services are offered alongside my own Counselling client work, and can be carried out face to face or via video calls, depending on your preference and availability.

I look forward to working with you.