Under Investigation for, or accused of, sexual offending

Targeted Counselling for those under investigation for, or accused of, sexual offenses, including detailed court reports and ongoing support beyond conviction.

Who is this service for?

If you, or someone close to you, has been accused of or is under investigation for, have served time for, are post sentence having been convicted, serving a suspended sentence or have a sexual risk order in place or completed for sexual offending, it can be a very isolating and frightening time.

There is limited support for those in this position, and few who understand that life experiences and circumstances which shape us may lead individuals down a path they never thought they’d take.

I have been working with clients in this situation – who are either under investigation for, accused of, or have previously served prison time for sexual offending or struggling with sexual or pornographic addictions, who are struggling to find their way in a new normal, and those who are under a protection order - for many years.

I also work with clients who are close to and supporting someone who is experiencing this situation – helping them to process the shock, changes to their lives, and – when desired – to rebuild trust and intimacy in the relationship, and to move forward.

If you are looking for a safe space to speak, without judgement or criticism, to learn how to navigate through the trauma of this experience, and to process the past traumas or experiences, if relevant, which may have led you to this place, I can help.

Registered with both ATSAC www.atasc.org.uk (The Association for the Treatment of Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity) and StopSo www.stopso.org.uk ) (Specialist Treatment Organisation for Perpetrators and Survivors of Sexual Offending) I provide specialised counselling services for those who have committed – or who are concerned that they might commit – sexual offences, and for anyone who is worried about the kind of content they are consuming. If you are concerned about any of your sexual behaviours, thoughts or interests, or find yourself in a pattern of behaviour or activity that is impacting your usual day to day life, help is available, without judgement or criticism.

Professional support in this area can be hard to find; there are no NHS provisions, the legal system is designed to support victims and punish perpetrators, and little is done to understand or prevent these incidents, or the history which has shaped a person and led to the act. Working with these bodies, I believe that prevention is better than cure – and that punishments are a response to an incident but do little to prevent repeating the act if the circumstances which led to it aren’t dealt with properly.

Supervision for other Professionals

If you are a professional working in this area, or find yourself providing support to someone experiencing these particular challenges, I also offer Professional Supervision. This is suited to other Counsellors, to service providers, to those in a legal position, to doctors, care workers, employers and anyone who feels that they need more guidance and support in order to continue offering their professional, ethical and compassionate services to any individual with sexual or psychosexual issues.

When can I help?

Whether you have committed a criminal act, or have had ‘troubling thoughts’ and been tempted to commit acts which you know are criminal, or you have found yourself exposed to ever more extreme forms of pornography or are addicted to pornography, I am here to listen, and to help you to understand where these impulses have come from – and how you can control them, and protect yourself – and others – from these behaviours.

If it is a family member, partner, spouse, child or loved one who has been accused or convicted of these acts, I am also available to support you in coming to terms with the new world you find yourself in, which may have come as a complete shock, or may be something you’ve worried about for some time. With no judgement, just support and understanding, I can help you to process what has happened, and how you navigate through your own responses.

How do I help people accused of or charged with sexual offending?

The first thing I say to everyone who comes to me for help and support is that you are a human being: human beings are fallible, and make mistakes.

Remember that your past experiences and behaviours do not need to define who you are going forward into your future.

If you have received the ‘knock’ get in touch at your earliest convenience, the sooner we get to work, the more positive the outcome for you.

We will work together using ‘Action & Commitment therapy’, ‘Transactional Analysis’, ‘Family systems therapy’, ‘Person Centred therapy’ and ‘Gestalt therapy’ – collectively known as ‘integrative therapy’.

Additionally I am a neuro-linguistic programmer; I will use all of my experience, knowledge, skill and ability to help you address your offending behaviour, understand its conception, and address matters arising from your past life experiences, if these are relevant.

If you experienced sexual abuse as a child/adolescent, or at any point in your adult life, please let me know on your inquiry form. This will not preclude you from receiving my support and assistance.

If for any reason you have not yet engaged with a solicitor, I can guide you toward a practice with expert knowledge and experience in working for those accused of sexual offending, and supporting them through the judicial process. You can find contact information for this below in the ‘additional resources’ links.

It may be advisable for you to have a forensic psychologists report. Again this is something that I am able to provide information about.

Having this report is extremely useful, and solicitors, probation and courts respond more positively to those who have engaged with that process and followed the treatment plan contained within it.

I will provide you with a reading list of three books which will help you to fathom out how you have ended up where you are today. I can also give you information about online courses which I recommend you undertake, this again adds a positive note to your court papers, and shows that you are serious about addressing your offending behaviour/s.

Fees and costs for treatment

Sessions are 50 minutes and costs start at £90.00 per session, with additional fees on account of costs. I do not offer concessions for these sessions, but there is a charity which may be able to fund some sessions: T&Cs apply and I can provide more details on this when you contact me to discuss your circumstances.

Please be aware that those under investigation by the Police, will be required to make an on-account payment of £600.00. Session payments billed at £90 per session will be drawn down from this amount. You will be requested to top up the on-account amount, when only £100.00 remains in your credit balance.

Reports for court: A report covering our work together is charged from £900.00, dependent on the level of information included, for a breakdown of treatment actions and outcomes – which includes a comprehensive, bespoke, forensic treatment plan: you, as the client, will be an integral part of forming and committing to this plan. These reports go to your solicitor and probation officer, and form a vital part of your defence in court. You will be advised by your solicitor and or therapist if having this report would be helpful to your case.

In some circumstances I may be asked to take the stand as part of a defence, to support this report: this must be by request by a solicitor, and would incur additional costs for time, travel and accommodation. Please speak to me to discuss this on an individual basis.

I know that this is a difficult topic to seek help for. Please be assured that my professionalism, lack of judgement, and integrity remain the same no matter what your circumstances; my role is to help you to understand your own history, and to change your own behaviours for a safer, happier future and life.

I work with specific, selected Solicitors’ on these cases; please request contact information if you need representation.

Contact me on amandaburbidge-counselling@outlook.com or call me on 07849 037095 and we can arrange a time which suits you to explore what I can do to help you.

Additional resources for support:

Self Help Programmes:

There is a lot that you can do to help yourself. These are self-help programmes available that I recommend to anyone who has difficulties in this area. You can find three of these programmes on the link below.



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StopSO works with those at risk of harmful sexual behaviour, to enable them to stop acting out, reducing the risk to society and reducing the number of victims.


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Support@saauk.info is the main email inbox specifically set up for people struggling with sex addiction: if you email this link a member of the SAA team will get back to you with information and offer support: please note that there are also specific contacts for women or for those who identify as LGBTQIA+ : We know that sex addiction is not gender specific;

Women's contact - Call Sharon on: 07766 075247 or email women@saauk.info

 LGBTQIA+ contact - for people of any sexual or gender identity - Call Charles on 07825 147995 or email lgbtq@saauk.info


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