The UK is facing a nationwide mental health crisis

As I write, the most recent statistics show that those seeking mental health support, or struggling with their mental health, has increased from 1 in 10 pre-pandemic to 1 in 4 today. That figure doesn't even cover the many people who are struggling alone, and haven't yet tried to access help.

Whilst the number of people who need help has more than doubled, the vital services they so urgently need access to have had funding reduced, staffing levels have dropped, and the waiting lists are growing exponentially, abandoning people to struggle alone in a vacuum. 

The impact this crisis is having, and will continue to have, on our population, our economy, our workforce and the future of our young people, is devastating - and incredibly concerning. 

I have written a longer piece, exploring the concerns those of us in the counselling and therapeutic industry share about this growing crisis, and raising some important questions about the growth of platforms like Better Help, which attracts vulnerable clients with low-priced access to private support, but which is unregulated and unsupervised - potentially causing more harm than good to the mental health and recovery of those clients. 

Download the article here - and please share it with others you may know who need support, or who are in the industry and share my worries. Share with your MP, with your local networks, and anywhere you may know people are discussing their difficulties with mental health struggles.